Dropshipping Service

300,00 + VAT


This intermediate service offers all technical tools available for a full integration between Suppliers and one or more Reseller e-commerce platform. It is a read & orders structured acquisition data service, which therefore allows not only to access the Supplier catalogs but also to automate with a return flow all data related to received B2C orders directly to our database. This option opens the way to real Dropshipping service.

It includes:

– items data flow: acquisition of entire database of available products (cd. Reading)

– reseller transfers (automatically via API or manually via DropshippingB2B platform) received B2C orders flow directly to Supplier/Dropshipper and Logistics for delivery processing (cd. Scripture)

– a dedicated platform (a real reserved parallel site) that helps Reseller to manage N orders received from its Private Customers with a single B2B order (this will reduce accounting records and it will help to reach minimum order applied by Supplier/Dropshipper)

– possibility, in cooperation with Logistics, to use the DropshippingB2B platform in order to ship direclty to Private Customers (with only one B2B order to Supplier/Dropshipper, Reseller can add multiple shipping addresses)

– “Real Basket”: items insert in basket – through the automatic API mode or manually – are immediately removed from on-line availability. In case of modification or cancellation of one or more items, they will automatically re-insert into the system free of charge

– handling discount: if Reseller does not reach the minimum order required by Supplier/Dropshipper, it can still confirm the order and receive a discount of 100% on handling charge.

– free service: with only 2.000,00€* month sales, at the end of the quarter, you will receive a refund on purchased goods equal to subscribed service cost (300,00€/ net per quarter)

(*amount based on quarterly basis, VAT & additional costs excluded.)