Data flow Service

150,00 + VAT


Our basic service: within this service, Reseller acquires credentials for access data flow of our catalog (references, codes, names, prices, pictures). It is a read-only data service, allowing – for example – to populate its own e-commerce site or external platforms such as eBay and Amazon.

It includes:

– data flow of all products available in our integrated Suppliers database.

– handling discount: if Reseller does not reach the minimum order required by Supplier/Dropshipper, it can still confirm the order and receive a discount of 50% on handling charge

– free service: with only 1.000,00€* month sales, at the end of the quarter, you will receive a refund on purchased goods equal to subscribed service cost (150,00€/ net per quarter)

(*amount based on quarterly basis, VAT & additional costs excluded.)